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Planning Options
We believe strongly that in order to support someone well, you need to plan well.

Our experience has shown that this has to be done from the person's point of view, rather than managing the risks the person presents when they are not being supported well. Too often there is a stronger emphasis  on managing the person in difficult situations, rather than on preventing the situations that cause the person to feel out of control. This is particularly the case with many people who have reputations and are stuck in hospital. 

Support Options
In response to requests for organisations who are willing to collaborate on support options, here is a space where we can list what you are able to offer.

Let us know what areas you can work in, the type of support you are able to offer, ( for example could you offer additional support from nearby if that is part of what is asked for? Can you work with someone currently in hospital in advance of moving to the community. It is also helpful to know how you support involvement in interviewing, and anything else you feel is relevant including the best person to speak to as a first point of contact.

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