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What We Offer


Campaigning Members

We offer a space where people who feel strongly about supporting changes can work together on the human right to a home for all. Members can be individuals or organisations who share these goals.

We ask that members

  • Actively commit to support people to speak up where these rights are being compromised, or are at risk of being compromised.

  • Challenge the attitudes that reinforce institutional solutions as a solution to people with complex support needs.

  • Share examples where they can of how this has worked, the challenges and the difference it has made.

  • Challenge the building of new institutional living environments.


We feel that it shows how we can make change happen, and not just talk about how things should be different.

Active Support 

This is a smaller group, able to carry out work alongside individuals and their families.

Use the                           form for Active Support.

Are you or is someone you know -

  • In the position where you or they are placed out of area / away from home due to a lack of local services able to meet your or their needs?

  • In a long stay institutional setting?

  • At risk of things breaking down and being in this position?

  • A professional working for a Health and Social Care Partnership, or Social Care provider agency, looking for support around your approach to this issue?


Get in touch and have a conversation with us about the situation you are facing, whether you are an individual, family member, Support Provider or Health and Social Care Partnership. After this you may feel confident to take this forward without requiring any further support.


Following this discussion if you would like more help to develop your approach:

We will review the circumstances with you and work alongside you to create a greater capacity and confidence for change.

This can include work around individuals and also wider work around systems approaches to situations that lead to people being placed out of area.

We will identify with you the key features of our input and how we would measure success.

We have skilled and experienced Associates who can support you with this.

We agree how we can share any learning with others to ensure we keep moving towards more inclusive support solutions. One of our member organisations; In Control Scotland can currently offer discounted input around working together to create capacity for change to a small number of Health and Social Care Partnerships.

As well as the above offer, we can carry out further work in these situations, provided there is funding to support our involvement.

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